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Solar Water –Heater:
Solar energy is the world's greatest energy resources. This energy is clean, free and endless and is it is extracted in all our country's parts.

Industrial and manufacturing Tofan Electric Co. in order to promote self-efficiency of our industry as an effective polar and wise-center started its activity under register number 3531 in 1381. This company by recruiting young and educated employees and experienced engineers and Standard's Head Office instructions and industrial researches and also by using of the best raw materials and continual controlling and testes in production line enterprising to produce gas ,electric and solar water heater . Representing goods to aboard markets is the other one of this company's glory and it could export its productions to different countries. Nowadays Toofan Electric Co. name is showing stability, beauty and elegance.
Solar Water –Heater- kks1-3047
Number Of TubesTubes' Dimensions(Mm)(mm)Cold Water Capacity Cold Water Entree (Inch)Hot Water Egress ( Inch) Inner Tank Type Outer Tank TypeInsulation Material
30 1800*47 50 lit 1/2 3/4 NICKLE- CHROME304 NICKLE- CHROME304 POLYURETHANE